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Grow Outstanding Plants, Orchids Phalaenopsis With Clear Plastic Plant Pots, 4 Pots x 5.5"
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Orchid growers, Phalaenopsis lovers, gardeners and yes, even children are happily growing their favorite plants in these clear plastic plant pots.


Kids love to plant vegetable seeds in these pots. . . they can check the roots of their bean seeds, tomato plants etc, before planting out. Because these pots have holes around the sides, it means plants don't get waterlogged. Use a fairly coarse mix, and it's best to transplant plants once they get several sets of leaves on them.  Of course you can grow them to maturity using hydroponic methods, eg: give a twice weekly dose of weak liquid fertilizer.

Houseplant enthusiasts can have fun watching their cuttings, succulents or seeds grow before their eyes.  Put the plastic pot in a larger decorative container if you wish.

Clear plastic pots have gained popularity as a key component of proper orchid care because you can see what's going on with roots and moisture content. We also have learned that Phalaenopsis orchids, actually benefit from light and air entering the root zone. These orchids use sunlight for photosynthesis at the root zone.

They are not just any old plastic pot, they are specialized so that everything works to promote and protect your precious plants.

Why do they work so well...


ULTRA BREATHABLE - Ideal Aeration Ensures Long and Active Flowering of Orchids.

IDEAL DRAINAGE - Drainage ridges to allow better air circulation. Always the Right Level of Substrate Moisture.  High stacking feet to prevent contact between soil and residual water that may collect under base of pot.

VISUAL CONTROL - Transparent Plastic Pot Provides Perfect Control Over the Condition of the Roots.

DURABLE Construction - Made of tough stuff, guarantees Many Years of Pleasure from the Use of these Pots.

Each package contains:  4 x 5.5" pots.

Remember FREE shipping, purchase your special pots now and enjoy your indoor plants!

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